Having dinner in Amsterdam is a carefree indulgence of surprising dishes in an intimate fine dining restaurant. An evening where everything is as it should be. The warm welcome that instantly makes you feel at home. The culinary dishes, pure and full of flavour. The wine pairing is perfectly in tune with the delicious food combinations.

Restaurant ADAM is located on the Overtoom 515a, in Amsterdam Old West. We love to surprise you with our beautiful, balanced fish and meat dishes. We can of course also cook solely vegetarian dishes for you and we will take any allergies or diets into account.

Avocado Toast
Uit eten in Amsterdam - verrassingsmenu restaurant Adam
Uit eten in Adam doe je bij restaurant Adam

Arne Russchen

Arne Russchen - restaurant Adam

(Head) chef Arne Russchen of Restaurant ADAM has a passion for flavour. Together with his team he lets every ingredient reach its full potential. “We love to adapt to the seasons. Wild-caught or bycatch is scarce, that is why we also work with good quality, alternative farmed products. We love to buy at local, specialised suppliers. Sustainability is one of our priorities.”


Every two months, ADAM surprises you with a new menu of 4, 5 or 6 courses. You can choose from two options, vis and meat or vegetarian. Any diets and allergies will naturally be taken into account. Please mention this when you reserve online.


ADAM selects his wines with a lot of care and attention during an afternoon of trial cooking before the start of each new menu. At those sessions we select the wines that are the best match for every dish, together with our wine suppliers. Our elaborate wine list is composed with the same principle in mind. We would love to tell you more during your dinner.