ADAM surprises

At Restaurant ADAM you will enjoy a surprise menu of 4, 5 or 6 courses. Before, you can start off the evening with something scrumptious, such as our beautiful, hand-caught oysters. Afterwards, we can offer you an elaborate cheese platter of Fromagerie Kef, a local artisan cheese store.

Our menu changes every two months, always with the fresh and high quality produce used in every single dish we create. You have the choice between two options: fish and meat or vegetarian. Naturally we will take any allergies or diets into account.


4 Courses

€ 65-

5 Courses

€ 75,-

6 Courses

€ 85,-

Cheese platter

€ 17,50

Wine pairing

€ 9,- per glas

Accompaniments before the dinner
Pata negra (70 grams)

€ 18,-

Oesters creuses no.3

€3.50 p.p.


Delicious, cosy and enjoyable

We enjoyed every course of the menu and the atmosphere. Every dish had its own highlight and stays memorable. Thank you!!

By Désirée van der Sluijs

Great interesting food , great staff and good ambience

Delicious unexpected food presented beautifully and tasting amazing.

By Jen Benefield

Great food, great wine, perfect service

We had a wonderful evening at the Adam restaurant. Just great!

By Philip Schaer

A very relaxed convivial space

Perfect service and gorgeous food! Our first dining out experience in Amsterdam! What a delight!

By Evelyn Barry

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