Vegetarian dining in Amsterdam? Restaurant Adam

Do you want to go out for a vegetarian dinner in Amsterdam? You are more than welcome at Restaurant ADAM, in the vicinity of the Vondelpark. Restaurant ADAM is a warm and welcoming fine dining restaurant in Amsterdam Old West. At our restaurant, you can enjoy pure dishes that are full of flavour. Naturally we can take any allergies or diets into account.

Vegetarian dining in Amsterdam, a real challenge

Vegetarian dining in Amsterdam can be a challenge. You want to have pleasant evening out and enjoy a nice dinner, but you don’t want to be the odd one out that ends up with just a salad. Often there will not be any good alternatives on the menu. We would love to show you how wonderful your dining experience could be in our restaurant. Friends and family that do eat fish and meat are also more than welcome to join.

Certification mark ‘Hospitable to Vegetarians’

There is a certification mark called ‘Hospitable to Vegetarians’‘, which is used by vegan restaurants, catering companies, holiday parks, hotels and fastfood restaurants throughout the Netherlands. These are often establishments that are not exclusively vegetarian, but offer vegetarian alternatives. Even a catering company called ‘The Slaughter House’ for example, could hold this certification mark.
One of the conditions for this certification mark is a minimum of two vegetarian main dishes on the menu. These dishes need to be prepared without any animal fats or without the use of any animal-derived ingredients, for example animal-based broth or gelatine. Eggs are allowed, as long as they are free range. Different conditions apply to fastfood restaurants, where fries, for example, do not count as a ‘vegetarian alternative’.
Also at Asian restaurants, where stir-fry dishes are prepared, a minimum requirement of plant-based ingredients is mandatory in order to apply for the certification mark ‘Hospitable to vegetarians’. Because they have to pay to hold the mark, not all establishments apply, even if they do comply with the requirements.

Restaurant ADAM surprises vegetarians and non vegetarians

Restaurant ADAM loves to have you enjoy a surprise menu of 4, 5 or 6 courses. This menu is available in two options. You can choose between a vegetarian dinner or a dinner composed of fish and meat.